The Slayers Dominion

Lina Inverse


Slayers was originally a fantasy novel done by Hajime Kanzaka with illustrations done by Rui Araizumi. But now...Slayers seems to be a very popular form of anime in the states! In Japan Slayers should be in its second series Slayers NExt by now. ^_^

There are two series of Slayers presently: In the anime and manga of Slayers Lina Inverse (the main character)usually travels with her hottie cutie pie sweet handsome debonair guy friend Gourry Gabriev (did I mention he's a hottie?? >^_^<). But in the anime and manga of Slayers Special Lina's main companion is Naga (the big chested one).
*Just recently ADV released the movie format which is supposed to take place before the Mr. Hotness Gourry was born and mainly focuses on his parent's love story. I'll do a review sooner or later when I get off this comfortable pillow. >^_^< But i can tell you this: the movie was really good.*

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